Reproductive Rights

A woman's healthcare decisions should be between her and her healthcare provider. Whether she decides to have an abortion should be up to her with the provider's guidance. Vague legisation as what we have with the trigger law will lead to needless maternal deaths.

Addressing Gun Violence

Missouri's relaxing of gun laws have lead to an increase in gun crime with Missouri having more firearm deaths a year than deaths by automobile accidents. Common sense gun legislation such as secure storage regulations can reduce gun related deaths.


Rights of Missourians should extend to all Missouians regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


Fully Funded Education, No 4-day school week especially when sports are still going on 5 days a week. Our kids are our future and they deserve better.

Right to Repair

Farmers need access to tools that allow them to fix their equipment and get back into the field.

Renewable Energy

Energy security through energy diversity - wind turbines bring jobs to the district. Missouri can lead the way in renewable energy production and power the rest of the country.

Medicaid Expansion

Needs to be full funded, no Missourian should go bankrupt paying medical bills. Application wait times of 100 days or more are unacceptable.

Better Infastructure

Broadband access to these small communities could help grow remote workforce. Farmers need to be able to get products to market

Pro Small Farmer

Rebuild farming community - small farms build up resistance to security risks such as avian flu that can take out the whole food supply.