About Michael

Michael Baumli grew up on a two thousand head hog farm two miles west of Quitman, Missouri. Much of his youth was spent raking hay during the summers, running and filling the bean drill in the spring, or grinding feed and scooping manure off of a thousand head hog confinement all year long. His parents raised him to appreciate hard work. As Michael took to college, he worked through the night at a local factory. After graduating, he took a position to become a System Administrator where he continued to develop his skills in the technology field over the next twenty years.

Michael Baumli
Michael's Family

Michael's interest in politics stems from his observations of smaller communities of Nrothwest Missouri shrinking in population over the years. Concerns about youth being left behind in rural areas while watching small communities wither away from reckless state level politices. From medical bankruptcies to four day school weeks, issues across the district need to be addressed by someone willing promote progressive ideas and help those in the most remote parts of Missouri. Michael is running to serve you, Missouri's 12th State Senate District.