Michael Baumli

Meet Michael

Michael Baumli is a hard-working rural progressive Missourian running for State Senate - District 12. Raised right here in the state, this Missourian comes from generations of farming hogs, cattle, soybeans, and corn. His youth consisted of raking hay on a Allis D-15, Grinding hog feed on an 856 International, scooping hog manure off of a 1000 head hog confinement, and occasionally challenging an angry sow that wasn't ready to be weaned. On the farm, he learned the value of a work ethic that just because the sun goes down, the day isn't over.

On the Issues

Michael is a progressive through and through always wanting to find ways to improve life for humanity. The topr priorities of the campaign are education, agriculture, healthcare, cyber security and rebuilding rural Missouri.

Michael's Family